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Using Google Trends to Make Smart Buying Decisions

Imagine you're about to head to the park for a day to have a picnic. As you're packing everything to leave, you notice you forgot to replace that Frisbee that broke last summer.

Knowing the Frisbee is your dog's favorite toy, you know you're[...]

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The Pet Store's Guide to Getting and Managing Online Reviews

"I love your store - it has everything I need for my pet and all the employees are just so friendly and knowledgeable. I can't imagine going anywhere else!"

Imagine that, just for a second, as something your customer has just told you as[...]

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10 Creative Ways to Refresh Your Pet Store Merchandising

Dust is collecting on your shelves, everything seems as if it hasn't moved in months, and even you get bored walking through the aisle looking at the same old packages in their same old positions. You don't have the budget to do an entire[...]

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The Ever-Changing Landscape of Pet Toys

Here is a summary of my cat's favorite toys: peacock feathers, a little blue stuffed mouse I bought when he was a kitten, and lasers.

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How to Market to Each Generation of Pet Owners

It's a Wednesday afternoon and your store has slowed down a bit. You're stocking the shelves and facing the products to ensure each package looks its best.

The door bell rings, snatching your attention from the dust falling off the shelves, and[...]

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Reducing Pet Stress One Product at a Time

We've all seen it before: ears pinned back, whimpering, pupils wider than you ever thought physically possible, stiff body, pacing, trembling, the desperate attempt to simply get out.

Our hearts go out to them. We coo, trying to get them to calm[...]

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Designing Pet Products That Retailers Can't Say No To

What kinds of pet products are today's pet specialty retailers looking for? That is the question of a lifetime.

The short answer: the kind that will sell.

At the core of the discussion, we all have a basic understanding of what pet stores are[...]

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Forecasting The Next Big Trend in Pet Nutrition

You may have noticed: the pet food industry is somewhat at a standstill. Over recent years, manufacturers and marketers have been all about pet food that is natural, limited ingredient, frozen, raw, freeze-dried, grain-free, and...oh, did we[...]

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Should You Sell CBD Pet Products In Your Pet Store?

As the legalization of marijuana grows and spreads across North America, another side product of hemp is rising in popularity among humans and their pets alike: CBD pet products.

There's been a lot of buzz over this product in current years at[...]

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How to Choose Pet Products That Align With Your Strategy

Have you noticed? We're right smack in the middle of trade show season. This means pet product manufacturers are launching their latest and greatest dog toys and cat food, and they all want you to know about it.

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