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7 Books Every Independent Pet Store Owner Must Read

The pet industry is ever-changing, and keeping up with the trends, demands, and sales cycles is what separates the fast-moving and strong businesses from those lagging behind. One of the most effective ways to gain this information is to read[...]

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Key Trends from SuperZoo 2017

SuperZoo 2017 has already come and gone, and this year's pet trade show was certainly one for the books. Over 10,000 pet professionals turned up for the educational seminars, lectures, and multitude of pet products that were presented at the show.

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How to Hire and Retain Pet Store Employees

We don't need to tell you that hiring the right pet store employees is difficult. In fact, retaining those employees once they are hired is even harder still.

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar:

You're short on staff, so you start getting[...]

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5 Trends We Expect to See at SuperZoo 2017

In just a few days (depending on when you are reading this), pet professionals from all over the United States - and even a few internationally - will be walking the floors of Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada for the World Pet Association's[...]

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SuperZoo Planning 101: How to Maximize your Efficiency

SuperZoo is one of the largest pet industry events in the United States of the year. Everyone from pet product manufacturers, pet specialty retailers, and even dog groomers show up for the annual event that takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada in the[...]

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Pet Industry Mergers & Acquisitions: The First Half of 2017

Author's Note: This article was last edited on 7/9/17 for correctness. The introduction has been shortened and the acqusition of Solvitby Radio Systems Corporation has been added.

Mergers and acquisitions happen in the pet industry all the time,[...]

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The Benefits of Taurine for Cats

Sarah is a pet parent with two cats (a Persian and an orange tabby) and a Goldendoodle. She walks into her local pet store one day because she has run out of cat food, and is ready to try something new.

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How to Increase Summer Sales in Your Pet Store

Looking out your windows, you see heat waves rise from the asphalt outside your store. The parking lot is half empty and you feel the heat seeping through the windows, even with air conditioning blasting in your store. The employees are stocking[...]

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4 Things Brick and Mortar Pet Stores Can Learn from Amazon

Discussions around the threat of e-commerce to brick and mortar pet stores often circle around one e-retailer in particular: Amazon. The retail giant has undoubtedly taken off in the last decade, starting with books and growing to the point where[...]

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How to Use Technology to Improve Pet Store Conversion Rate

As the threat of e-commerce take-over looms over the pet industry, it is understandable how independent pet retailers are striving to stand out from the crowd and win over consumers. Fortunately, it appears to be working, at least where[...]

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