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6 Ways Advantek Appeals to Millennial Pet Owners

With millennials now being the largest pet owning generation (35% of pet owners), pet businesses are finding it more important than ever to stay on top of their demands. Because of their differences in shopping habbits as compared to previous[...]

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The Pet Store's Guide to Engaging Millennial Employees

Millennials: the most talked about generation since the Baby Boomers. It seems as though the other generations are still not quite sure what to make of us and our differences in terms of work ethics, engagement, and the ever-talked-about[...]

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Is Pet Tech the Future of the Pet Industry?

With the holidays coming up, families are working on putting their Christmas wish lists together (likely with their pet curled up fast asleep right next to them). As they work on these lists, one thing in common may be that many of the items are[...]

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How to Get Millennial Pet Owners to Shop At Your Store

If you've been keeping up with market trends in the pet industry, then you know what everyone's been saying: Baby Boomers move aside, because Millennial pet owners are taking over.

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