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Depressed? The Pet Effect Recommends Cat

Feeling stressed lately? Get a cat.

Benefits of cat ownership include reduced risk of heart attack, relieved depression, accelerated heart attack recovery, lowered blood pressure, lessened risk of allergies and eczema in children, reduced stress[...]

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Year In Review: The Pet Industry in 2017

That's a wrap.

2017 is over. Can you believe it?

What a year. We won't get into the heavy details of politics and economics, but it's been quite the year. The same can certainly be said for the pet industry, which continues to grow at a[...]

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5 Tips to Stay Motivated and Inspired By The Pet Industry

Do you remember what you thought when you got your first job in the pet industry? If you're like me, you might have thought, "wow, I get to work with animals (and/or the products that give them a happy and healthy life) all day and get paid for[...]

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10 Pet Industry Blogs Every Pet Professional Should Subscribe To

The pet industry doesn't get enough credit for being innovative and coming up with creative business tactics. Yet, with the changes happening in recent years regarding the humanization of pets, the rise of millennials' purchasing power, and an[...]

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7 Ways to Thank the Pet Industry

Every year, around Thanksgiving, we start to sit down and think about the previous nearly-11 months that have come to pass. We consider the events of the year and start to plan out how we would like to see next year pan out. So, in light of this[...]

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Creating a Pet-Friendly Workplace

One of the best parts about working for the pet industry is, well, the pets. Our furry friends are the reason why we do what we do. So, doesn't it make sense to include them in our work? 

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How to Drive and Multitask like a Pro

I recently had the fantastic opportunity to do a ride-along with a fantastic sales rep for one of our distributors. As I am fairly new to the pet industry, it was a great experience to get an inside-look at what a day in the live of a distributor[...]

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