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Is Pet Tech the Future of the Pet Industry?

With the holidays coming up, families are working on putting their Christmas wish lists together (likely with their pet curled up fast asleep right next to them). As they work on these lists, one thing in common may be that many of the items are[...]

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6 Pet Food Trends Every Pet Professional Needs to Know

The pet food industry is one that is captivating in it's complexity and it's propensity to make pet specialty retailers and manufacturers alike a lot of money.

As the pet industry has been on the rise, the pet food segment especially has[...]

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3 Ways the Pet Industry is Becoming More Humane

The humanization of pets is a trend that many publications love to write about. In fact, we have written several articles on it already. While it may seem like overkill, there's a reason why the humanization of pets is so important: It's[...]

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The Latest Pet Humanization Trend - Dog Food Trucks

The pet humanization trend has been going strong over the past few years. While pet owners continue humanizing pets, the pet industry has been responding. From higher pet food standards to more "humane" pet habitats, pet supply manufacturers[...]
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"Made in USA" - What Does it Mean for Pet Food?

As Americans, we live in a very proud country. Living in the United States means, to many people, freedom, fair wages (compared to many other countries), the right to fight for equality, and much more. Because of this, it's only natural that[...]

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What does the Humanization of Pets Mean for Pet Habitats?

Last week we discussed how the humanization of pets affects the pet food industry. Many of us in the industry are observing this trend of pets now being fully integrated into the family. Instead of the family dog Fido, it's the fur-baby Fido.


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