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4 Reasons We're Excited for Global Pet Expo

Imagine this: you're walking down an aisle in a giant blue-carpeted room. All around you, there's marketing slogans, bright colors, loud noises, and lots of people talking about the latest innovation in the extrusion of pet food. As you keep walking, you smell the unmistakable odor of overly-processed dog food (which is also being claimed as 100% natural) and see a bucket of dog treats on every other booth counter. Then, the dog food smell transitions into plastic as you walk by a dog toy booth with giant stuffed animals screaming, "Come into our booth!"

Guess what? In just under two weeks, you won't have to imagine it. Global Pet Expo, known as the must-attend pet industry event of the year, is upon us and we couldn't be more excited. According to APPA, in 2016, Global saw 6,170 buyers (4,679 domestic), 3,000 new pet product launches, 1,087 exhibitors and over 15,000 attendees. No wonder the show has been named Trade Show Executive's "Greatest Show on Earth," with those numbers.

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Although 2016 was a blast, 2017 is estimated to be even bigger and better. As of February 27th, it was announced as completely sold out. There will be so many new pet care products, pet industry trends, top pet specialty retailers, and innovative pet product manufacturers that many people won't even know where to start. In fact, we're even planning our first Facebook Live video tour of the show - just so you don't have to miss what we have to offer.

This year's show is going to be one to remember. There's a lot to look forward to, but it can all get a little overwhelming. To help get you excited about the show, here's the top four reasons we're looking forward to hanging out at Global Pet Expo.

Global Pet Expo All Points Marketing Booth Finder GPE17

1) Learning about new pet products

As mentioned previously, Global saw over 3,000 new pet care products in 2016 alone. That's a lot of new and innovative ways for pet owners to show love to their furry pals!

Last year, there were some incredible new pet products announced at the pet trade show. The New Product Showcase Winners included an eco-friendly birdhouse (Le Sharma Trading, Inc.), Bark-N-Cats (Ware Manufacturing), Humunga Bling (Moody Pet) and more.

We're really excited to see what else will be at the new product showcase. The section will be a priority for us to visit. In case you aren't able to make it, or aren't able to take extensive notes on the products, stay tuned to our post-show update where we will be summarizing what we saw at the show. Keep an eye on our social media to receive updates on when our post-show summary goes live.

As for our brands, here's what you can expect to see in terms of new products at the show:

  • Applaws: Gourmet Bites (dog treats), Dog Loins (dog treats), Dog Layers (dog food), Applaws Dry Cat Food (4 lb) - You'll also find information on all of their current lines of cat and dog products (in both food and treat categories) at their booth.
    Learn more here.
  • Advantek: New rabbit hutch colors (in top selling rabbit hutches) - You'll also find information on their current lines of chicken coops, rabbit hutches, dog kennels (including The Pet Gazebo) and humane traps at their booth.
    Learn more here.
  • Fruitables: Focus on newer Broth Bowls SKUs and BioActive Fresh Mouth Dental Chews for Tiny Dogs - You'll also find information on their current lines of dog and cat treats and supplements at their booth.
    Learn more here.

2) Analyzing pet trends for 2017 & 2018

Pet trade shows are especially great for three things:

  1. Learning about new products in the marketplace
  2. Witnessing pet product trends for the coming year
  3. Networking with like-minded individuals in our industry

We can't wait to witness and explore the wide variety of pet industry trends that are bound to be present at the show. As of now, we have a decent idea of where U.S. pet food trends are at. We also have first-hand experience with how some manufacturers are working to understand consumer demand in pet containment. With that said, trends change, and we're excited to see where they're headed for the end of 2017 through 2018.

As mentioned above, we'll be summarizing our experience with new pet products and pet industry trends we identified during the show. Until then, based on our knowledge of where our industry currently stands, here's our estimations for what we think we're going to see at the show:

  • Pet Food: With natural & grain-free being the top keywords in pet food, we expect there will be a metaphorical explosion of these products at the show - or at least, products that claim to be. We're looking forward to a lot of packaging design reflecting this trend (browns, greens, photos of vegetables). We expect pet food manufacturers will also explore previously niche markets such as raw & frozen, limited ingredient, and freeze-dried pet foods.
  • Pet Treats: With the rising concern over pet obesity, we expect manufacturers will respond with pet treats that are lower in calories and higher in function. In other words, there will be an increased focus on functional dog and cat treats that not only act as a reward for the pet, but will also offer a side benefit. The actual benefit may vary, but we expect dental health to be a major player in the game.
  • Pet Mobility Seeing a cat on a leash used to be considered weird and out of the ordinary. However, as concerned pet owners are keeping their felines indoors more often, they are opting for this safer way of allowing their kitties to explore the great outdoors. We expect a significant increase in everything from cat leashes and harnesses to pet strollers. This all continues to point the pet industry in the direction of pet humanization.
  • Animal Health: Flea and ticks are on the rise in the United States, and along with that comes the rise of products to help take care of them. According to Senior Consultant Dr. Lynn Fondon in a new study from Brakke Consulting, "the flea control and heart worm preventatives market has been one of the most innovative areas in animal health..." Therefore, we expect to see an increase in these types of products at the show.
  • Small Animals: This small but powerful category is starting to come to life as small mammals become popular pets for multi-pet owning homes. We're looking forward to seeing new innovations in small animal food including those pet food extrusions we were talking about earlier. We'll also look to see whether manufacturers are improving their recipes to comply with consumers' demand for higher nutrition.

It will be interesting to revisit these estimations in a few weeks once the show has passed. What do you think - are we on point with what you're expecting at the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

3) Partnering With Both Pet Product Manufacturers & Pet Specialty Retailers

At All Points Marketing, we are working to streamline the communication between the best pet product manufacturers in the industry and pet specialty retailers all across the United States. Whether this is by working with pet specialty retailers to understand and meet their challenges or working with our manufacturers to come up with a placement strategy to ensure growth across the country, our goal is to help everyone do their job just a little easier.

Because of this, we are excited to use Global Pet Expo as an opportunity to partner with retailers and manufacturers to solve crucial challenges within your business. Yes, this includes selling you pet products. However, it's more than just that for us. It's about truly understanding what makes you tick - are your employees just not engaging with your customers? Are you nervous about the growth of e-commerce? We'll take your challenges and come up with a creative and customized solution in order to help your business succeed.

Click the image below to schedule some time to talk with our team. Be rest assured that our team won't just sell you on our brands' products - but that we will take the time to truly understand your company before coming up with a solution that benefits you.

Global Pet Expo All Points Marketing Booth Finder GPE17

4) Hosting a Facebook Live tour

Finally, what we are really excited about is the fact that we will be hosting our first-ever Facebook Live tour of Global Pet Expo during the show. This video will be especially great for those who:

  1. Aren't able to attend the show this year
  2. Didn't have time to walk the entire floor
  3. Want to learn more about our brands at the show

The video will be recorded live on our Facebook (click here for link to our profile). Additionally, it will be available afterwards for anyone who wants to watch it and learn more after the show.

Follow our Facebook (and Twitter or LinkedIn) to stay updated on our live recording. You can also sign up to receive an email notification when we go live (and a link to view after the show) using the button below.

All Points Marketing Global Pet Expo Pet Trade Show


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Disclaimer: The featured photo is from a SuperZoo show. We do not currently have any usable photos from Global Pet Expo - something we expect to change in a few weeks.

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