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Tips for Pet Retailers During COVID-19

COVID-19 is on everyone’s mind right now. We know that things like stay-at-home orders can be terrifying for a small business owner that depends on walk-up business. That’s why we’ve pulled together a few resources that can help you navigate this challenging time.

expertvoice-logoImprove Your Team’s Expertise With Expertvoice

ExpertVoice is an online tool that connects your employees with pet retail experts to get up to speed on the brands and products your store offers. Some of our brands like WizSmart are already investing in the platform.

astroloyalty-logoLaunch a Loyalty Program

You’re already trusted in your neighborhood, but a loyalty program can help customers back again and again. AstroLoyalty is the program we’d consider first. It allows you to build credit with your distributors in an automated fashion and isn’t available to big box or online retailers.


Stay Up to Date on the Latest

Things are changing every day. It’s difficult to stay on top of all the news about industry impact, stimulus plans, and pivots that we can all be making to stay successful. If you only have a few minutes of time, we recommend checking out these three articles:

  1. What You Need to Know About the Coronavirus Relief Bill from Pet Business
  2. How COVID-19 Is Impacting Pet Store Sales from Pet Product News
  3. Considering Home Delivery in Times of Crisis from our blog

Remember, you’re not alone in this crisis. We are here to help at every step along the way. And, pet owners are looking to you in these uncertain times. They trust you and now’s the time to build on that trust to drive increased loyalty.

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