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2018 Pet Containment Trend Forecast

Pet containment is one portion of the pet industry that (let's face it) hasn't seen a lot of change as of late. In fact, over the years, we've seen a lot of the same rabbit hutches and chicken coops that have always been manufactured. However,[...]

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Pet Containment Trends to Watch in 2017

Any pet or outdoor gear retailer likely stocks some sort of pet containment product in their stores or online through their website. As consumers become interested in trends such as backyard chickening or rabbit-keeping, they are going to need a[...]

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Best Rabbit Products to Offer in U.S. Pet Stores

According to the House Rabbit Society, in 2014, there were approximately between 3-7 million rabbits owned as pets in the United States. Although this number may seem small compared to the 77.8 million pet dogs in America between 2015-2016, there[...]

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3 Ways the Pet Industry is Becoming More Humane

The humanization of pets is a trend that many publications love to write about. In fact, we have written several articles on it already. While it may seem like overkill, there's a reason why the humanization of pets is so important: It's[...]

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How to Get Millennial Pet Owners to Shop At Your Store

If you've been keeping up with market trends in the pet industry, then you know what everyone's been saying: Baby Boomers move aside, because Millennial pet owners are taking over.

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What does the Humanization of Pets Mean for Pet Habitats?

Last week we discussed how the humanization of pets affects the pet food industry. Many of us in the industry are observing this trend of pets now being fully integrated into the family. Instead of the family dog Fido, it's the fur-baby Fido.


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ADVANTEK’s Humane Animal Traps Keep Pets and Other Animals Safely Separated

TSP: For customers who live a little closer to the wilderness, mention ADVANTEK’s line of humane animal traps to keep their pets safe.

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ADVANTEK’s Gone Green Rabbit Hutches Will Impress Small Animal Owners

TSP: Small animal pet owners are a huge market and ADVANTEK products make both the customer and those animals happy.

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