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6 Ways to Attract Pet Owners During the Holidays

The holidays are here and that means everyone is on the lookout for just the right gifts for their loved ones. While friends and family are key, they're not the only ones receiving gifts this year; pets are too.

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Promoting Healthy Pet Food to Fight Rising Pet Obesity

Healthy pet food is the latest trend, while fillers, additives, and other controversial ingredients are going out the door. Over the past few years, there has been a real push on Americans to eat healthy, as diet fads and information overflow[...]

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5 Pet Products to Consider for Fall

Oh Fall - the season that seems to pass by so quickly that we nearly miss it while we spend so much time preparing for the upcoming holidays. As we pass around holiday promotions, it's all too easy to forget about the lovely weather, colored[...]

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The Benefits of Having Limited Ingredients in Pet Food

As the pet humanization trend grows stronger and stronger, consumers are always on the look out for cat and dog food that meets their ever-changing needs. In the U.S. today, 95% of pet owners consider their pets to be a part of the family. With[...]

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How to Choose the Best Cat Food For Your Pet Store

Super Zoo is right around the corner, and chances are you're probably considering new products to carry in your pet store. However, with suppliers doing all they can to get your attention, the process of choosing what's right for your pet store,[...]

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Great Products for Owners with Old Cats

TSP: Recent studies show that 45% of dog owners have a canine over 7 years old, and 46% of cats are in the oldest age bracket.

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How to Get Millennial Pet Owners to Shop At Your Store

If you've been keeping up with market trends in the pet industry, then you know what everyone's been saying: Baby Boomers move aside, because Millennial pet owners are taking over.

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Cater to the Growing Small Dog Market with Applaws Wet Dog Food

TSP: Small dogs account for over 52% of dog households in the US. New healthy wet dog food formulas from Applaws should impress those customers.

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Support Applaws in Helping Animal Charities

TSP: Customers will respond well to Applaws’ history of helping charities when deciding which pet food to purchase.

Through the month of January, Applaws held a food drive so the proceeds could be sent out to deserving animal charities across the[...]

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Investing in A Brand Relates to Better Sales

TSP: Knowledgeable brand advocates sell more than uninvested sales associates, educate yourself with Applaws training videos

Experticity recently completed a study investigating whether increasing sales numbers can be achieved by studying and buying[...]

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