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Keeping Independent Pet Stores Alive During Rise of E-Commerce

Amazon is taking over the world.

At least that's what they keep telling us. In fact, during this year's Pet Industry Leadership Conference, Amazon representatives revealed news we already knew was coming: they're coming for the pet industry, and[...]

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How to Set Up an E-Commerce Pet Shop as a Brick and Mortar Retailer

Which scenario would you prefer?

  1. Decide you want a book. Open up your internet browser to find a bookstore near you. Find one close by. Put your shoes on. Grab your wallet. Get in your car. Find out you're out of gas. Go to the gas station. Fill[...]
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How do MAP Policies Affect the Pet Industry?

With brick and mortar locations being swallowed up by e-commerce organizations (in the case of Whole Foods and Amazon) or being shut down completely (Toys 'R Us) within the last year, there's a rising concern over one question: is the pet[...]

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The Key to Enforcing MAP Policies in the Pet Industry

E-commerce is on the rise and with it are prices that are more competitive than ever. With online retailers competing so rigorously, many independent pet retailers are having a hard time keeping up.

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5 Ways to Become a Mobile Friendly Pet Store

Let's say you're a consumer shopping in a store for a new television. You start off by going online and typing in "best television for watching movies" to start your research process. The next step is to go to a store for a closer look before[...]

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Is E-Commerce a Threat to the Pet Industry?

Note: This article is a shortened version of the eBook "The Ultimate Threat: How E-Commerce Affects the Pet Industry." Click here to download and read the full version of this information for free! 

Imagine this:

One morning, you wake up to Rufus[...]

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How to Compete Against E-Commerce as an Independent Pet Store

Competing with the e-commerce world is a battle that every independent pet retailer must face. With e-commerce sales now accounting for 8.1% of total retail sales, it's a potential threat that is constantly growing year over year. In fact, online[...]

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