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How to Add Customer Value When You Can't Compete on Price

They did it again. Just when you thought it couldn't get any lower, That e-commerce giant (also known as Amazon) has lowered the price on your top selling brand of dog food by another $5.

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The Pet Store's Guide to Engaging Millennial Employees

Millennials: the most talked about generation since the Baby Boomers. It seems as though the other generations are still not quite sure what to make of us and our differences in terms of work ethics, engagement, and the ever-talked-about[...]

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5 Ways to Become a Mobile Friendly Pet Store

Let's say you're a consumer shopping in a store for a new television. You start off by going online and typing in "best television for watching movies" to start your research process. The next step is to go to a store for a closer look before[...]

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How to Make Money off of Current Pet Food Trends

At the beginning of every year, pet professionals usually want to know two things:

  • What happened last year? How is the pet industry doing? Are we growing in sales? Did we hit our goals? 
  • What's going to happen this year? What are the latest[...]
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Is E-Commerce a Threat to the Pet Industry?

Note: This article is a shortened version of the eBook "The Ultimate Threat: How E-Commerce Affects the Pet Industry." Click here to download and read the full version of this information for free! 

Imagine this:

One morning, you wake up to Rufus[...]

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3 Easy Ways to Communicate with Vendors

Pet product manufacturers and retailers have a special relationship with each other. Whether they sell directly or through a distributor, the bond between the two parties must stay strong in order to ensure pet products are sold to the consumer[...]

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A Year in the Life of the Pet Industry

Whew. Well, if there's anything we can all agree upon, it's that 2016 has been a wild ride, that's for sure. We experienced everything including Brexit, America's roller-coaster election, debates and bans on pet stores selling pets, Pokemon Go,[...]

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How to Rock the Small Animal Category

Walking into nearly any pet store, it's impossible to miss what the two biggest categories are in the pet industry: dog and cat. The small animal section, if even present within the store, is often stuffed in the back and takes up the smallest[...]

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Why Employee Training is Crucial For Pet Stores

If you're not making your sales plan, could your employees' engagement levels be to blame? Employees who are engaged actually receive 2.5x more revenue than employees who are not. Plus, 40% of employees who are not properly trained are very[...]

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5 Pet Products to Consider for Fall

Oh Fall - the season that seems to pass by so quickly that we nearly miss it while we spend so much time preparing for the upcoming holidays. As we pass around holiday promotions, it's all too easy to forget about the lovely weather, colored[...]

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