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The One Thing E-Commerce Can't Take Away from Pet Stores

They are efficient. They can afford smaller margins. They're open 24/7. They can deliver at the blink of an eye. They stock every brand of pet food a pet owner could ever want. They have an entire customer service department dedicated to[...]

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Why Protecting Pet Choice is Important

Imagine this:

One day, you come home from work and sit down at the table for your weekly dinner with your family. Throughout the meal, you chat about your day and start making plans for the weekend.

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What California's Ban on the Sale of Pets Means for the Pet Industry

Without pets, there's no pet industry.

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A Year in the Life of the Pet Industry

Whew. Well, if there's anything we can all agree upon, it's that 2016 has been a wild ride, that's for sure. We experienced everything including Brexit, America's roller-coaster election, debates and bans on pet stores selling pets, Pokemon Go,[...]

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The Difference between Professional and Backyard Breeders

A large part of the controversy surrounding the bans on pet stores selling live animals is the misconception that every breeder is irresponsibly mistreating the animals that go into the stores. While there are no doubt a number of bad breeders[...]

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URGENT: Help Petco Stop the Ban on the Sale of Animals

Cambridge, MA City Council members are in the middle of deciding whether to pass an amendment to Title 6, which will work to continue to ban on the sale of animals. Since late June, PIJAC has been working to push industry professionals and the[...]

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Does Buying Pet Store Puppies Support Overcrowding in Shelters?

According to, one of the biggest misconceptions of the pet store puppy controversy is that there is an overpopulation problem within animal shelters in the United States. Many believe this is caused by consumers purchasing dogs[...]

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Why We Shouldn't Just Adopt From Animal Shelters

Over a month ago, we published an article discussing ideas for how we can work together as the pet industry to change the way we sell live animals in pet stores. Since that article's publication, we have gotten an incredible amount of feedback[...]

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Why 'The Dog Lover' is Very Important for the Pet Industry

A new movie has recently been released which asked the question: Can we really trust the agenda of every animal welfare activist group out there?

The Dog Lover is a unique film which presents animal activism from the other side of the coin. In[...]

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Changing the Way We Sell Live Animals in Pet Stores

It is well known in this day and age among consumers that they aren't supposed to purchase their pets from pet stores. We have seen it all - news flashes and sad stories of puppy mills and mistreated live animals in pet stores. It's no wonder[...]

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