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How to Identify a High Quality Small Animal Food

As pet stores consider the small animal category, many are finding that it can be hard to keep the dietary requirements of each of the specific animals in line. The problem is that fitting eight to nine types of pets within one aisle is hard[...]

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Best Rabbit Products to Offer in U.S. Pet Stores

According to the House Rabbit Society, in 2014, there were approximately between 3-7 million rabbits owned as pets in the United States. Although this number may seem small compared to the 77.8 million pet dogs in America between 2015-2016, there[...]

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How to Rock the Small Animal Category

Walking into nearly any pet store, it's impossible to miss what the two biggest categories are in the pet industry: dog and cat. The small animal section, if even present within the store, is often stuffed in the back and takes up the smallest[...]

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Engaging Shoppers with the Small Animal Category

One struggle that many pet supply stores often find themselves having is correctly engaging shoppers with the small animal category. With small animal being a seemingly insignificant part of the overall pet industry, it becomes almost too easy[...]

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Relieving The Frustration Behind Small Animal Merchandising

It's a common story: As consumers walk into any pet specialty retailer, they will generally see a very large dog section, a slightly smaller cat section, and an almost non-existent small animal section, if any exists at all. Unfortunately, it's[...]

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