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WizSmart: These Pee Pads Are a Game Changer

When it comes to pee pads, they’re basically a one-time use product that ends up in the landfill, plus they don’t even really work that well. Pee pads have been the same for a long time — there hasn’t been innovation or differentiation, and pet owners are feeling the pain.

But, for today’s pet parents, pee pads remain a necessity. With pet owners’ busy work and social schedules, it’s often impossible for them to sneak in a bathroom break for their furry friends at home. There’s clearly a need for this product— but someone needed to fill it in a way that would actually be useful.

Enter WizSmart. They wanted to create a pee pad that would serve its purpose while being good for the planet. Let’s take a closer look.

Not Your Everyday Pee Pad — WizSmart’s Competitive Advantage

Talk about innovation! Made from unused baby diapers and a blend of natural, sustainable eco-fluff, WizSmart’s pee pads are highly sustainable and eco friendly. This makes them hugely appealing to environmentally-conscious millennial pet owners.

WizSmart’s pee pads are also highly effective, with the XL size holding up to 12 cups. With superior absorption and quick drying features, dogs’ paws stay dry. No more leakage, no more tracking in the house. Win win!

Why retailers should care

The lack of effective, eco friendly pee pads have resulted in retailers no longer investing in this type of product. However, there is a great opportunity in this category. Busy pet parents are looking for solutions when they can’t be with their furry friends, and nature calls.


Retailers need to jump on the WizSmart pee pads because:

  • There hasn’t been a lot of innovation in this industry, until now.
  • These pee pads drive repeat sales, building customer loyalty.
  • They have no expiration date.
  • There is very low risk behind this category.

Another huge selling point? WizSmart is not available in the big box stores, or through online giants like Chewy. They provide a great opportunity for independent retailers to meet an ongoing need for pet parents.

If you’re looking for a product to talk about with your customers, this is it. Consider these standouts:


  • It’s the only product in the market made from repurposed materials.
  • It's made with fiber from eucalyptus, a more sustainable fiber than trees used in pulp manufacturing.
  • It lasts all day.


  • Odor control: Quick absorption, they capture & eliminate odor fast.
  • Stay Put Tabs: Set it and forget it. One application and the pad is secure to the floor.
  • Dog Attractant: Lets you train your furry friend with a safe, pet-friendly formula designed by WizSmart’s fragrance expert.
  • Male Dog Solution: Yes, boy dogs pee differently. The Stay Put Tabs let you position the pad at a 90 degree angle to protect the wall and the floor.
  • Have Pad, Will Travel: Take it with you anywhere, even on vacation.

Finally, the pee pad solution that busy pet parents have been looking for: long lasting, no leaks or smells, and the most sustainable product on the market!

Contact All Points Marketing today to start carrying WizSmart Pee Pads today!

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